Billie Eilesh & Justin Beiber – A Winning Combination

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Taking a page from Lil Naz X who re-ignited “Old Town Road” by releasing a version with Billy Ray Cyrus, our friend Billie Eilish has done the same with her hit “Bad Guy.”  She lures Justin Bieber into her trap just as the song has reached its peak in the charts.  The Bieber mix is slightly more driving, but only slightly.  Billie lives in the dark space of the mind, Bieber brightens her world.  Now “Bad Guy” occupies two positions on Spotify’s Top 10, one with, one without the Biebs.  Adding new energy to a song that’s about to decline is a great strategy for keeping it alive.  It’s another level of the collaboration strategy.  As Billboard points out, both artists win from this combination.  Billie associates herself with a legend of the time and the aging legend keeps himself connected to the newest shining star.  All that’s left is to see if the strategy works, if “Bad Guy” swings back up the chart.  Tune in next week.

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