Best Places in America for Your Next River Ride

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Are you looking for a new way to get out of the house, social distance, and enjoy nature? Why not try tubing, rafting, or paddle boarding down a river? Grab a few like-minded friends and head to our top 5 best places for river rides.

Truckee River, Nevada

In the springtime, the Truckee River is one of the best whitewater rafting destinations. However, in the summer, with no snow, this river is tranquil and relaxing. Take a dip in the water to break away from the Nevada heat. Don’t forget to pack some cool drinks to stay hydrated.

Meramec River, Missouri

Want to bring to the party into the river? Meramec River is the perfect place for a wild fiesta. Not only are there very relaxed laws about drinking on the river, but there are also lots of places for nudists to enjoy a tan line-free day. The only thing that you cannot do in the river is play beer pong.

Snoqualmie River, Washington

In the Snoqualmie River, you’ll be floating past some of the most beautiful places in Washington State. There are also ropes that line the river for those looking for a Tarzan moment. Keep in mind that you are in Washington State, so the water is chilly all year round.

Yampa River, Colorado

Most tubing places are fairly isolated from civilization. Not the Yampa River! When you’ve completed your trip down the river, you’ll find yourself in the town of Steamboat Springs. Enjoy a meal, some shopping and maybe even another beer.

Apple River, Wisconsin

Apple River is The Place for a river party, though this year the crowd might be thinner. Head there on a weekday so that you have the whole place to yourself. If you get tired of floating around, there is a sandbar in the middle of the river for you to rest and maybe eat a snack before heading downstream again.

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