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FaceApp has been sweeping the nation recently. Although it was developed back in 2017, the AI Facial Modification App has boosted its popularity exponentially in the past week. Just when we thought we were experiencing an innocent tidbit of fun it all came crashing down. FaceApp is owned by a Russian company and using FaceApp puts yourself in high levels of risk.

On top of the fact that FaceApp grants access to a users device information and photos, it also contains fine print that basically says FaceApp is allowed to use your data in any way they seem fit. This includes transferring your data from countries and jurisdictions where the data laws are extremely less restrictive.

They can also monetize your face and likeness which means one day you may see yourself as an advertisement or your picture being used with no ownership and no control. This may not seem like too big of a deal to the common person, but imagine all the celebrities that have used the app that now have donated their likenesses to Russia.

We don’t actually know what the results are going to lead to, but it’s safe to say people are sweating now.

The only question left is if we would feel the same if it was owned by any other country?

First things first.  In writing this article I tried to keep the important spoilers to a minimum, but if you don’t even want the slightest idea of what happened in Season 3 of Stranger Things, PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Thank you!

As if the world of the Upside Down and the evil scientists of Hawkins Lab weren’t enough, Stranger Things Season 3 manages to kick it up yet another notch. 

In this season we are faced with a new threat from the biggest villains of the 1980’s, the Russians.  We are also introduced to new love interests for Steve (sort of) and Dustin who together, remain a dynamic duo throughout season 3.   Although we’ve been devastated in the past by the deaths of beloved innocent characters such as Barb and Bob, this current season manages to stretch our heartstrings further than ever before.

This season is a bit of coming of age season as all the characters (and the actors who portray them in real life) are getting older and experiencing things they never had before.  In previous seasons, much of the conflict came from external causes that the team had to band together to defeat.  In this season you’ll see what them at odds with each other while trying to navigate the initial entrance into the dating world.  Mike and Elevens romance will start a split between the group which will only get worse once they break up.  Max actually breaks up with Lucas at the same time and this causes Eleven and Max to become best friends. 

Honestly this season was heavily centered on romance, dating, and love.  Dustin, who just comes back from camp to begin the season, claims to have a girlfriend named Suzy but no one believes him after a failed attempt to contact her.  Spoiler alert, she is real, and she eventually plays a crucial role in the season.  Steve, who’s been working at Scoops Ahoy with our newest character Robin, is constantly striking out every time he makes an attempt to woe a woman.  Throughout the season and due to various conversations with Dustin, Steve eventually realizes that he actual has strong feelings for Robin.  After the 2 get close, Steve eventually professes his interest in Robin, which leads to an unexpected response from Robin.

Also, the chemistry between Hopper and Joyce continues through this season and manages to survive multiple pitfalls.  It’s obvious that Hopper has loved Joyce since they were young kids in Hawkins.  Joyce however, is still reeling off of the loss of Bob and has become scared of leaving herself vulnerable to heartbreak.  Hopper has a difficult time with this all season as he is at the same time learning how to parent a teenage girl who is anything but cooperative. 

Matter of fact the only character throughout the show to not have any type of romantic interest or storyline is Will Byers.  Then again, will should probably be in a psych ward and traumatized beyond repair after the things he’s experienced.  Nevertheless, he finds himself in the middle of everything again as he still holds a connection between the Upside Down and reality.  Although this season was so concentrated on love stories, it still manages to pack a punch of intrigue, action, mystery and excitement.  It may very well be the best season

1. Paris

Paris is the undeniable King of romantic locations. Visitors are given a plethora of options upon arrival to feed their sultry sides. Of course at the top of everyone’s list is the Eiffel Tower where lovers can come and see panoramic views of the city by night or day. Good luck trying to hold back your affections as the lights dance in the distance in the city of love.

2. New York

The possibilities for romance are endless in the city that never sleeps, but for this particular subject, we’re going to focus on something to do while the sun is still shining, Central Park. Central Park is a green paradise nuzzled betwixt metal giants. Its scenery that included landscapes, statues, fountains, and bridges becomes a can’t miss opportunity for a romantic summer picnic. Theres nothing quite like being surrounded by the creations of mother nature and man all at once.

3. London

Jolly ole’ London, where the accents alone can cause the the most independent lovers to swoon. If you and your partner are looking to have a laugh you are more than welcome to tease the guards at Buckingham palace, but if you’re looking for something a bit more majestic you must go on the worlds largest ferris wheel located across the bridge from Big Ben. This landmark provides outstanding and incomparable views of the city. Hopefully it stops at the top for you ; ).

4. Hong Kong

When it comes to Asia, and China in particular, few cities can compete with Hong Kong. The “New York of the East” does not disappoint as the lights, food, and people provide constant entertainment for any couple who seeks it. Go enjoy traditional Chinese shows and culinary specialities or take a ride on the harbor to tour the city from the outside in. Go at night if you really want a treat!

5. Tuscany

There are not many things as synonymous with love than food and wine and since that is the reality, Tuscany is a more than deserved addition to our list of romantic places. Go and explore vineyards and taste test wines made in the very location from which you sip. Then set up a table outside with a plate of Italian pastas, breads, and gravies. Your heart and stomach can both be full in Tuscany!

1. The “In My Feelings Challenge”

The Drake song, “In My Feelings” had everyone asking for Kiki’s love in the Summer of 2018.

2. The “Whip and Nae Nae”

In what turned out to be their biggest hit (only hit?) Silento’s “Whip and Nae Nae” came out of nowhere to top the charts.

3. The “Dougie”

Education was never a higher priority than when everyone was asking to “Teach Me How to Dougie”.

4. “Gangnam Style”

Who would’ve thought that the same person to bring Justin Beiber into the hearts and minds of music fans around the globe would also bring us one of the greatest viral dance hits of all time with Korean Pop Star PSY and his song “Gangnam Style”

5. Every Fortnite Dance Challenge

Whether its doing the Carlton, the Shoot, or the Scrubs Dance, the options were limitless when it came to performing your version of the Fortnite dance challenge.

6. Party Rock Anthem Shuffle

Not going to lie here, this song was so massive that it was hard to notice a viral dance built in. Instead we experienced everyone doing their own types of shuffle for this challenge.

7. The “My Boo/Running Man” Challenge

At night, I dream of you, but by day everyone was performing the newest version of the “Running Man” to Ghost Town DJ’s classic “My Boo”.

8. Dabbing

I’m not sure if theres ever been a crash and burn of a viral dance sensation like that of the Dab. Once it got into the hands of parents and those with multiple left feet, it was bound to die a horrible, painful death.

9. Flossing

This could have been included in the Fortnite Dance Challenges but it was by far the biggest dance move of 2018 and came from popular social influencer “The Backpack Kid” who even tried to sue Fortnite for the use of his dance.

10. The Harlem Shake

Much like the “Running Man” the Harlem Shake went through a rebrand as it went from a shoulder shaking routine to a salad bowl of dance moves from different people in the same container.

Did we miss any? Are there any honorable mentions you could think of?

The beauty of Disney’s new Aladdin film does not end with the film! The new movies comes with a line of Mac beauty products, including eye shadow and lipstick. The eye shadow palette called X9: Princess Jasmine, comes with nine shades including golden brown, bright gold, metallic pink, strong gold, pure silver and dark black among others. The lipsticks are named after moments in the film: one is called Rajah (deep purple) and the other is Whole New World (deep pink). Both the eye shadow and the lipsticks come in attractive gold packaging. Keep a lookout for these becoming available near you!

            Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have been playing their characters voice in the Toy Story films for 25 years. This process has allowed them to relate to their characters more and more over time. Acting is a matter of putting yourself in the shoes of a character, so it makes sense that the actor would start to relate to the personality and struggles of their character.

            Tom Hanks relates to his character Woody through the idea of being a team player. Hanks said at a red-carpet event, “I am a team player. I love being part of an ensemble, and I think we are always in this together somehow. Anybody can make it a miserable day by being cranky or self-centered or thinking it’s all about them instead of all about the whole.” Woody is known for his loyalty to his friends in Toy Story movies.

Tim Allen says that he hopes he has the same authenticity that Buzz has. Buzz accepts that he is a toy when he is told this by Woody and he accepts himself for who he is.

The two actors have been going to lunch together for years and the end of the series is an emotional experience for them. Interesting how imaginary stories can bring real people together.