Ariana Grande and Photographer Reach Agreement Over Unauthorized Photos

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Ariana Grande accused photographer Robert Barbera of taking unauthorized pictures of her.  For celebrities that’s a big deal if the photographer then makes money from the pictures. Their image is their property they argue and it has value. They also argue that their celebrity does not give permission for people to violate their privacy.  It all gets murky when celebrities accept the exposure paparazzi photos give them.   

The case between Grande and Barbera put a new spin on the whole issue when Ms. Grande used Barbera’s unauthorized pictures to promote her Sweetener album.  The photographer filed a lawsuit against Grande for her unauthorized use of his unauthorized photos. He demanded $25,000 for each photograph. In the end the suit was dropped when the two parties agreed to an undisclosed settlement.  Legal struggles between photographers and celebrities about the use of their image are common. Last month, Supermodel Gigi Hadid won a lawsuit against the agency Xclusive -Lee, Inc.  It won’t be the last. 

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