Are The Los Angeles Lakers Breaking NBA Practice Rules?

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The Lakers and the rest of the NBA can officially work out at their team facilities right now. However, those guidelines sanctioned by the NBA only allow individual workouts with only two assistant coaches. According to the NBA’s current schedule, players won’t be able to practice with their teammates until July 9.

Rumor has it, one team that wears purple and gold has chosen to ignore these rules. Many reports have developed over the last month that LeBron James had been getting teammates together to workout. Other reports have suggested the Lakers players were rarely working out at the team facility due to the restrictions in place. The latest development came from New Orleans Pelicans’ guard JJ Reddick. On Bill Simmons Podcast, he hinted the Lakers are having some secret team workouts in Bel Air, California.

Here is a clip to their discussion from the podcast.

Apparently, these secret workouts and scrimmages are being held at a super fan’s home. The fan has a replica court of The Staples Center with all sorts of legendary Lakers memorabilia. Reports are saying that NBA players won’t be punished for any “non-sanctioned” practices to this point. The expectation is that things will become stricter next week, before teams get ready to go to Orlando.

LeBron James badly wants to bring a title to a third city. Especially given the death of Kobe Bryant this year. These are just rumors after-all. Just don’t forget about the “secret workouts,” if the Lakers come out hot to restart the season.


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