Just one month after splitting up with rapper Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner (22) has been spending some serious time with another famous rapper, the one and only Drake (33). According to People, Drake is very close to the family and the two have been friends for a long time. But, People also says the two have moved beyond friendship to romance. Kylie attended Drake’s 33rd birthday party last week in LA and she was also at his Halloween party a few days later. Sources claim Jenner stayed “super late.” Other insiders have denied the notion that the duo have anything brewing in terms of a relationship, that they remain just friends, that perhaps Drake is just providing Kylie with some “comfort” after her recent split. As far as Kylie and Travis are concerned, both remain focused on their daughter Stormi and are supposedly on good terms despite the split. Let’s see what transpires in the coming weeks between the two before jumping to any premature conclusions, but something definitely could be cooking. Source: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kylie-jenner-drake-spending-time-055131164.html

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