Apple’s New iPhone Release Delayed

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Apple announced that the release of the newest iPhone will have to wait until September due to supply chain issues. The company said Thursday that the rollout of the phone, rumored to be called the iPhone 12, will be a “few weeks late.” This will mark the first time Apple has ever delayed an iPhone launch.

Better Than Expected

Originally, industry analysts had expected an even longer delay. A researcher at eMarketer, Yoram Wurmser, said of the news, “It looks like delays will be limited to a few weeks rather than months as some had suspected.”

Customers should be able to get their hands on the phones by the beginning of October.

An Amazing Year for Tech

As the business world burns, Apple has been rising above, enjoying an extraordinary year. For most industries, COVID-19 has been a curse. But the tech industry has actually benefited from the majority of consumers sheltering at home. Products that increase connectivity or entertainment within the home have been selling like hotcakes. Amazon has been enjoying sky-high online sales, while fitness tech brands like MIRROR have seen increased demand. And of course, streaming platforms are enjoying historic subscription levels.

As for Apple, the demand for iPhones has been driven by a need to keep in touch with family and friends, and to work remotely.

Apple’s Impressive Quarter

Apple’s second quarter report was a gift for investors and executives. The company pulled in $59.7 billion in revenue, 11% higher than that same period last year. It was one of the most impressive quarters of all time for the tech giant.

Apple sold $26.4 billion worth of iPhones, $7 billion worth of Mac computers, 6.5 billion worth of iPads, and $6.4 billion in “wearables.” (Wearables include Apple Watches, AirPods, and other Apple accessories).

Much of Apple’s success this quarter resulted from reopening Apple Store locations. Its strategy has been a careful one, constantly tracking local infection rates and being strict about mask wearing. The release of the affordably priced iPhone SE also helped boost revenue. 

So in the big picture, a small delay will do little to hurt Apple’s current hot streak.


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