About us

Easy Content Media LLC, (ECM) is a media technology and services company that develops tools to help publishers and content creators expand their digital catalogs and increase their audience engagement.

ECM follows a 360 degree approach to content with products and services that range from website and social media development to content creation and audience analysis. With 9+ subject categories and over 2000 content elements, ECM provides clients with written, photographic, and video content to help clients fulfill their omni-channel strategies. New IP is made available every day and can be accessed via ECM’s proprietary WordPress Plug-in or directly through an account manager.

Easy Content Media is the latest company from the founder of Operative, advertising technology’s largest workflow company (acquired by Sintec Media) and AdsMogo, one of China’s largest in-app networks (acquired by Alibaba). With over a decade in ad tech, our team understands the ebbs and flows of the industry.