50 Cent, Janet Jackson, and Chris Brown Headline Saudi Concert After Nicki Minaj Cancelled

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The Jeddah World Fest was hosted in the Red Sea city of western Saudi Arabia on Thursday, and the crowds were loving the opportunity to have international icons such as 50 Cent and Janet Jackson perform in their home country. Saudi Arabia has been extremely conservative in their past with entertainment, women’s rights, and other items pertaining to the strict and ancient guidelines of their religion Islam. To have the likes of 50 Cent, and Janet Jackson a female herself, perform a major music event in the country shows how times are a-changing for the middle eastern nation.

Despite the slow turning of the tides in Saudi Arabia, Nicki Minaj, who was also due to perform at the concert pulled out in the name of gay and women’s rights, or lack there of in SA. Many fans were steaming over her decision as the headliner to pull out, and were demanding refunds across social media.

In typical fashion to save face, many Saudi news outlets claimed it was their decision to cancel her performance as it did not align with the nations customs and beliefs. Many organizations such as the Human Rights Foundation have encouraged artists NOT to perform in the Islamic Kingdom.

While Saudi Arabia has pumped a ton of money into providing entertainment and fun for the citizens of the kingdom, they are still a long way away from “catching up with the times”. Nicki Minaj canceling her act is just another example of this, as the kingdom still has many ongoing trials prosecuting women’s rights activists that have spoken out against the country’s policies on women.

Do you agree that Nicki made the right decision to pull out, or that artists such as 50, Chris Brown, and Janet made the right decision to perform? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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