5 Best Weekend Road Trips if You’re From NYC

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This summer, it seems like everyone is heading out on a road trip. After all, being inside your car, sealed off from the rest of the world seems safer during a pandemic than public transportation. For New Yorkers, road trips may just be the perfect way to get away for the weekend. Of course, we all know that getting out of the city is the biggest hurdle, so here are the top five weekend road trips for New Yorkers.

Hudson Valley/Connecticut

The Hudson Valley area is just a few hours north of Manhattan. But this area is full of parks, forests, and quaint little towns. Go further up north and you’ll find yourself at the border for New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. There are sprawling farms, outdoor farmer’s markets, and lots of trails for hiking. You might even recognize some of the farms that sell their products at Union Square Farmers Market! Book a little bed and breakfast somewhere in the woods to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Finger Lakes/Western NY

If you’re able to start your road trip earlier on Friday, head to the real upstate New York. We’re talking places like the Finger Lakes and Western New York. It is a completely different world up there. There are hundreds of lake towns for water sport enthusiasts, vineyards for wine fanatics, and hiking trails for outdoor lovers. If you’re looking for more water and a bigger lake, head to any of the little towns that border Lake Ontario.

Boston/Cape Cod

Now that sports have been put on hold, it may be safe to set aside the New York vs. Boston rivalry. At least for the weekend, anyway. There is so much to see and do in Boston, especially during the summertime. Outdoor markets and sailing trips are always on the docket. You can even drive to Cape Cod and possibly catch a glimpse of Bill Belichick on this yacht! Just remember to leave the Yankees/Giants gear at home.


Philadelphia has a very similar feel to New York. The streets are walkable, there are lots of aggressive locals and apartments are packed together tightly. There are also historic landmarks to visit in Philly along with plenty of iconic monuments (like the Rocky statue). And if history isn’t for you, then you have to check out the Mutter Museum. This place is packed with medical oddities, including slices of Einstein’s brain and the ribs of a woman who wore corsets her whole life. If you’re a foodie, then you’ll want to taste the Philly cheesesteaks and compare how Philly hot dogs stand up to Nathan’s.

Vermont/New Hampshire

Are you a beer enthusiast looking to try out some local New England hazy IPAs? Then put Vermont or New Hampshire into your GPS! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and local craft brews, like the one-of-a-kind Heady Topper Pale Ale. The region also offers tons of parks for hiking and camping. Or, consider renting a little cottage through Airbnb and meeting some locals in the countryside.

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