5 Best Shellfish to Enjoy this Summer

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Nothing tops off a day at the beach like a plate of fresh shellfish. And summer is the best time to enjoy these gems of the sea. Keep reading for the 5 most popular types of shellfish, and the most summer-friendly ways to eat them.


Shrimp is by far the most popular shellfish in America. You can cook them in many ways. There’s popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, the po’ boy sandwich, or grilled shrimp (with or without skins). The list is endless! But for a chic and refreshing summer appetizer, try shrimp cocktail. These ice-cold bites are perfect to whet your appetite and cool you off while you’re soaking up the sun and working on your tan.


There’s nothing like oysters fresh out of the water, served over a bed of ice. Some people prefer them with just a squeeze of lemon juice, while others want the whole array of condiments. If you’re unfamiliar with all the various types of oysters, try a sampler plate! And for the pros, look for eating challenges at restaurants where you can get free oysters… if you eat over 200 of them. 


Most recipes for clams aren’t cold, but they’re delicious nonetheless. You can mix clams with some pasta to make clams and linguine. Or you can bake them with breadcrumbs and bacon for clams casino. Moreover, these shellfish are great in soups and broths, like clam chowder. 


Looking for something to go with that clam chowder? Try a lobster roll! There’s nothing like crisp, fresh lobster, slathered in mayonnaise, all stuffed in between a soft, buttered roll. Of course, for the best quality, you’ll have to head to New England. Served with a bowl of “chowdah,” a lobster roll is the best way to enjoy a summer night in the northeast.


Crabs are easy to cook and fun to eat. Steam some blue crabs or Alaskan King Crab legs and get ready to break them open with your hands or a mallet. Prepare a side of melted butter and lemon to bring out this crustacean’s natural flavors.


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