30 Day Fitness Challenges: Do They Work?

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You’ve probably seen the 30 day fitness challenges all over social media. There’s my least favorite, the 30-day burpee challenge where, I assume, you’re doing lots of burpees. Then there’s the 30-day squat challenge, where you do 25-50 squats per day and the 30-day plank challenge where you increase planking time over the course of a month. But do these exercises actually help with weight loss and fitness?


Exercising in general is good for you, so based on that, these 30-day challenges are effective for weight loss and general fitness. However, if you’re not used to doing intense full body exercises everyday, start easy with the burpee challenge. Without proper training and supervision, beginners can easily hurt themselves doing consecutive burpees.


The same thing can be said for squats. You can easily hurt your knees or back if you’re not squatting properly. Plus, you’ll want to add some core and upper body exercises to the 30-day squats challenge, otherwise, you’ll overwork your lower body.


The easiest challenge for beginners is the 30-plank challenge. You’ll want to watch your form (do it in front of a mirror) so that you don’t strain your neck and back. However, this low intensity core exercise is a great way to build stability and strength. Just make sure you’re not doing planks by themselves. Pair them with some cardio to maximize weight loss. Overall, exercise is good, even necessary for fitness, but for weight loss evidence is less convincing. It can’t hurt. And a combination of exercise and proper diet clearly would contribute to better health. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/better/lifestyle/do-30-day-fitness-challenges-you-see-social-media-really-ncna1064726

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