Cyber Attack Hits US Department of Health and Human Services

Last Sunday, the US Department of Health and Human Services was hit with a distributed denial-of-service cyber attack. This type of attack uses automated messages to overwhelm a public-facing system. Experts are concerned that the attacks are designed to weaken America’s response to covid-19. According to President Trump, a foreign disinformation cyber campaign is being […]

The Benefits of Meditation

You may have turned up your nose at meditation, but aside from its association with various types of exotic religions, meditation does actually have some great health benefits. When you meditate, what you’re doing is forcing your brain to focus on one thing. If you find yourself with a million thoughts flying around, but aren’t […]

FDA Warns Hand Sanitizer Company Purell

For people who swear by Purell, the FDA has some bad news. Hand sanitizers do not actually kill and eliminate ebola or flu. In fact, they don’t eliminate any of the other diseases the company claims in its ads. This is such a problem that the FDA has warned Purell that it needs to either […]

Biden Delivers First Public Remarks in a Week As Health Crisis Continues

Faulting Donald Trump’s response to the warnings and ongoing threats of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden delivered a sober address from his office in Delaware Monday after almost a week away from the public. While the former vice-president is now highly-likely to be the Democratic nominee for president, the party’s primary elections, which had been […]

Donald Glover Drops New Childish Gambino Album, “3.15.20”

On March 15, Singer/Actor/Artist Donald Glover inconspicuously dropped a new untitled album under his rapper name Childish Gambino. Ten hours later, it was gone. Now, the new album is back in earnest, available on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms. It is simply titled, “3.15.20.” When he initially released the music on a cryptic website […]

New York Assemblyman Asks Tesla to Produce Ventilators in State

New York Assemblyman Sean Ryan, requested that Tesla Inc. produce ventilators at its state-subsidized solar factory in Buffalo, NY. Ryan contacted Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, via letter on Tuesday. New York has been the hardest hit state by the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 20,000 cases. New York state has estimated that it will need 18,000-37,000 […]